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I'm a small town girl from Corsicana, Texas! I'm a classic enneagram 4 with a strong 3-wing. I am obsessed with all things creative and travel. I can quote Pride & Prejudice in pretty much any given situation. I have a deep love for queso & guac. I am die-hard fan of Jesus, movie nights, and the Sonic Drive-thru. I am currently living the college student life on a hill I call home at Dallas Baptist University. I am studying Communications and will graduate this December. After graduating, I will continue in full time photography!

How i got into phoTOgraphy

I first started using a camera in my high school yearbook class. I had no idea what I was doing with a camera, and that statement could not be more true. My senior year, I served as yearbook editor and I had still had no idea what ISO, aperture, or shutter speed even meant. People would bring me a camera and ask why it was so bright... haha, no idea!! After I graduated, I decided I wanted to get a camera of my own. I decided to finally figure out what ISO actually meant. I started to practice taking portraits on friends, next thing you know I'm taking senior portraits! I've been officially photographing photos for almost a year. Opportunities have continued to come and so I've jumped into full time photographer + college student life (AKA extreme craziness!). Earlier this year, I began to try to dabble into wedding films! I'm in no way a world class photographer, just continuing to learn and grow in the business. I love getting to meet and encourage new people! It's such an honor to cross paths with people in such special life moments!

My faith

I've spent many moments of my life trying to fill a deep hole in my heart for satisfaction, worth, and fulfillment. I sought out many friendships, achievements, practically anything you can imagine. I was always left empty and defeated. I went through a period of my life where I began to feel swamped and covered in brokenness. I grew up hearing about the love that Christ had for me, but it wasn't until I started to understand the need I had in my heart for redemption and forgiveness that I started to understand who God was and begin to live my life for His glory. The salvation that I was given isn't something that is just for me, but for everyone. I would love to talk more with you about what it looks like to live a life for Jesus and accept Him in your heart, bring on the questions and convos! I'm totally down!

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