I Don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22!! 🎉

Ever since 2020, the years have been getting more and more "interesting." Buzy gets busier. Tired becomes pure exhaustion. But, the coolest change I've seen is when joy becomes simpler. Now I'm not saying that it is "easy" to be joyful, but that the things that can bring an abundance of joy are simple. It's no longer the most expensive gift, the house you've always dreamed of, or the newest Marvel movie release. It's the small tiny moments with .50 cent sparklers and every effort to keep your house intact from the fire being swung around. It's the people around you that you get to be goofy with. Sitting in silence with the Creator of the Universe who has chosen you.

Entering 2022 today, we can all say we didn't imagine ourselves here. And we most likely will not be able to imagine what the year will bring either. But, we can know that the Lord will continue to be with us when we scale the highest mountain tops and the lowest of valleys.