Throwback to September 2, 2020. Sofia tiptoed into our little "quirky" Crowley dorm. She looked like she was about to burst with happiness. Seconds later, we were both jumping up and down screaming about her new beau, Joseph (whom I like to call JOF). A few seconds of jumping up and down quickly turned into a full night of talking about all the things she liked about Joseph.

Ever since I met Sofia, she has surrounded me with such an abundant joy and sunshine of a personality. Her words are spoken with eloquence. A kind compliment is given every time she speaks. Sofia is passionate about the Lord and has always seen Joseph as a gift from the Lord. Every morning, Sofia would tell the Lord, "I surrender Joseph to you." She walked in humble recognition that every gift is from the Lord. Sofia was so perfectly content in the Lord and who he made her to be, which allowed her to walk with hands wide open to whatever the Lord had for her life.

When Joseph messaged me on Instagram about wanting to propose, I was so ecstatic and completely shocked. For the next few weeks, every time I saw Sofia I would always try to act nonchalant. I would tell her about how "overwhelmed" I was, it's a great strategy I will say! One day,  I crossed paths with Sofia at the gym (LOL I'm NEVER at the GYM). She ran over to me and said, "So, Joseph's family took me ring shopping." Her eyes were huge with excitement and I could see her mind calculating my response. I decided the best response would be to appear completely shocked.

The night before Sofia’s engagement, she came and sat with a friend and I. We were all working on homework when we noticed Sofia's nails were not painted. At this point, Sofia was starting to put things together and taking her to the nail salon would be a dead giveaway. So, my friend Bethany and I drove to Walmart to pick out some stick on nails that she could put on after Joseph proposed.

The day of the proposal, I switched phones with a friend so that Sofia wouldn’t be able to check my location. I drove to Wayward Coffee and hid in the back kitchen. The waiter kept an eye out for when they arrived to give me the cue.

Joseph had bought Sofia a new bible and wrote her a sweet card that said, “Will you marry me?” Then, Joseph got down and proposed to Sofia. Joy and excitement was written all over her face. And she said, "YES."

Little did we know that we would be in this coffee shop a year later for such a sweet proposal reflecting the Lord’s provision and faithfulness.